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About Me


Hi, I am Dr. Mallory Franklin. I have a bachelors degree in Food Science, a doctorate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, and am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Research has brought us closer to understanding the intricate role nutrition plays in physical and mental health. However, like many areas of research, the more we discover, the more confusing it can become. During my nine year tenure in nutrition and food related research, I learned how frustrating nutrition information can be for consumers.  Whether in the news, diet books, or from the food industry, the volume of misleading and contradicting information can be overwhelming. The good news is, to be healthy, you don’t have to be an expert in nutrition research. You just have to focus on what works for you, which is part science and part personal.

I founded Food Matters LLC and offer nutrition counseling at Twin Cities Therapy and Counseling Associates. My goal is to help guide my clients through the confusing world of nutrition and food. Together we can determine what your health goals are and what steps work for you to get there. I believe that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to lifelong health and happiness. Food is a very intimate part of one’s life. That is why I am passionate about getting to know clients beyond the foods they eat. By establishing an open conversation based in trust and free from judgement, we can work together to pick health goals and the most sustainable way to attain them.


Nutrition Counseling 


It all starts with food…

I started Food Matters to help people learn the power of the foods they eat and bring science and truth to the equation of their health. Nutrition counseling is a space, where together, we can explore your personal relationship with food. What this relationship means for your health. And what can be done to change this relationship. Often, we are ignorant to the effect foods have on our mood, behavior, and energy levels. Some foods may make you feel ashamed, depressed, lethargic, and unmotivated. Others can inspire you to take on the world. Learning which foods bring out your best and worst is one of the  first steps in developing healthier habits. 

What will we work on....

I help my clients understand the role nutrition plays in their physical and mental health. We discuss what factors shape your relationship with food and how our food habits contribute to our overall health. We determine what your values and beliefs are and based on that decide on realistic and attainable health goals. I will then provide you with the tools and skills you need to form new habits and a new relationship with food to reach your health goals. 

With Nutrition Counseling you will learn

Purposeful grocery shopping


Mindful eating


Have a deeper understanding of your food choices

Meal planning


Understand how your tastes have developed and how tastes can adapt


Healthy ways to cope with stress

Food preparation and cooking skills


Develop new eating and exercise habits


Determine social situations that challenge your health goals

Everyone is different, therefore my approach is personalized and based in nutrition science as well as the personal needs and goals of my clients. 


Twin Cities Therapy and Counseling Associates

5851 Duluth St. #306

Golden Valley, MN 55408

How much does it cost?....

I offer a free 15 minute phone consult to decide if we are a good fit!

One time sessions: $120/hour

I accept insurance

BCBS                       PreferredOne                   Aetna                     UCare                 Health Partners     

Personal costs will depend on your insurance plan 

How do I schedule?.....

You can contact me by email or go the the "schedule an appointment" tab. 





"Mallory has been wonderful in the couple of months I have been meeting with her. She has helped me get back on track with healthy habits, food knowledge, and personalized meetings once a week to discuss my progress and barriers. I recommend meeting with Mallory if you're looking to make healthy changes in your life!"